Patching Waterproofing

Patching Waterproofing – Stucco Repair, Patching and Waterproofing stucco repaired? PC Painting Inc, choose the service that best fits your stucco needs

Patching Waterproofing – Stucco Repair, Patching and Waterproofing
Looking to have your stucco repaired?
At PC Painting Inc, choose the service that best fits your stucco needs. We offer competitive quotes for quality work that will exceed your expectations. Don’t be a victim of a bad stucco job, let us help you achieve the change you want for your home or office when you hire PC Painting Inc. of South Florida.

Stucco Repair – Damaged stucco is the leading cause of water damage to most buildings. Leaving cracked or damaged stucco unrepaired and exposed to the elements can lead to costly repairs. Mold and moisture penetrating through the walls can cause more than just water damage but can also lead to many health problems. We will inspect your residential or commercial property for water penetration and help to repair your stucco.

Stucco Patching – PC Painting Inc.. takes great pride in its complete patching services. We specialize in difficult patches, water proofing and superior texture matching. The most important step in any stucco patch is the water proofing. Our trained stucco experts always make sure each patch is properly flashed, lathed and water proofed prior to applying the finish coats. With over twenty years in window and door stucco patches no one beats our water proofing or texture matches.

Stucco Waterproofing – Waterproofing is the process in which the studs or shear wall are wrapped with an asphalt coated waterproofing paper. The waterproofing paper, typically 60-minute paper, is installed in an overlapping fashion to create a natural flow for any water that comes in contact with it. Before the waterproofing of your stucco is considered complete, we make sure the lathing process is also done properly. This is a very detailed process and should be left to the experts. Let us be your first defense against an improperly installed stucco job.